Wireless LAN

When it comes to wireless lan performance, we unleash optimal.

You need to deliver the optimum in wireless network performance for your mobile users. When you choose your Wireless LAN partner, you will. Zebra Technologies expertly configured WLAN solutions unleash optimal in the performance of your networks, devices and applications, optimizing these interconnections with the broadest portfolio of voice, data and video solutions. Connect your workforce with wireless technology solutions and unleash optimal engagement, productivity and growth.

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AP5131 Wireless Access Point
Simple to deploy, the AP 5131 Wireless Access Point offers 802.11a/b/g wireless network...
AP5181 Outdoor Wireless Access Point
Designed for use in the harshest environments, the AP 5181 Outdoor Access Point offers ...
AP621 Wireless Access Point
The AP 621 is a thin (dependent) multipurpose access point designed to lower the cost o...
AP622 Dual Radio Wireless Access Point
Your network no longer has to duel for coverage with the AP622 802.11a/b/g/n dual ...
AP650 Wireless Access Point
The AP 650 is a thin multi-purpose access point designed to lower the cost of deploying...
AP6511 Single Radio Access Point
The AP 6511 is expressly designed for one of the most challenging wireless LAN environm...
AP6521 Wireless Access Point
The versatile, independent AP 6521 access point is designed to lower the cost of deploy...
AP6532 Wireless Access Point
The performance-focused dual radio 802.11n AP 6532 access point provides customers with...

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