Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Imagine if you could eliminate all the network wires that span your entire building from end to end, floor to ceiling. Imagine what it would be like if your mobile workforce was truly mobile; that your corporate network was truly wireless.
Imagine if you could do it without having to upgrade your wiring closet, by just eliminating the access layer of switches. And imagine implementing a more secure, resilient, and cost effective network than the wired network you rely on today.

Motorola’s wireless portfolio has made imagination a reality. Motorola is the only wireless company that provides truly wire-less business-critical connectivity across the enterprise, inside and out.
History and Innovation
Motorola has been involved in RF for over 75 years - significantly longer than any of our competitors have been in business.
WLAN Market Leadership
Motorola’s customer base includes many of the world’s largest retailers, healthcare institutions, transportation companies, and manufacturers – all of whom rely on a Motorola backbone for their mission-critical mobility needs. 
Motorola provides the most comprehensive end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions available in the market, from where the network cable terminates, to the palm of the hand and beyond.
Inside Out
For customers that have outdoor wireless requirements (point-to-point connectivity, outdoor or campus-wide coverage, seamless connectivity indoors and out), Motorola has a serious advantage. Our outdoor broadband products and mesh capabilities are the best in the industry. 
Redundancy & Business Continuity
The foundation of the truly wireless enterprise, only Motorola offers wireless redundancy and site survivability in a cost-effective manner. Support for multiple levels of redundancy and fail-over capabilities ensure an “always-on” highly available network for superior performance.
RF Switching
Having strong investments in a wide variety of wireless technologies is a strong differentiator for Motorola. While our competitors offer only WLAN, Motorola can provide infrastructure solutions across a multitude of standards: Wi-Fi, RFID, WiMax, UWB, etc.
End-to-End Design and Management
One-stop shopping for all your wireless LAN requirements - from our planning and design tools, to hardware, management and security.
Superior Voice Capabilities
Motorola’s solutions are purposefully built from the ground up to handle voice as well as data. 
True Mobility Features
Motorola’s Wireless Switch systems offer patented ‘Motorola-only’ mobility features designed to manage the unique challenges that mobility presents. 
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Motorola provides a reliable, scalable infrastructure, cost-effective infrastructure solution. 

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